Start a Club

Regional Alumni Clubs and Affinity Groups stimulate interest in UNLV and encourage by forming specialty organizations within the UNLV Alumni Association. Clubs may establish programs to further the education and social interests of the alumni within the network, including sponsoring programs and events for its members and publishing newsletters.

Alumni Clubs Handbook

How to Get Started

Step 1: Check for Preexisting Clubs

Review the list of clubs to make sure one does not already exist.

Step 2: Contact Us

To begin the process of forming an officially recognized alumni club, please contact Amanda Gordon at 702-895-2378 or

You’re not in this alone! UNLV Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving staff can assist you with sending messaging out to you alumni constituents about your events/activities.

Step 3: Become a Volunteer

Join as volunteer core as a board member. Board members are required to be Scarlet Loyal donors to UNLV and complete an access confidentiality agreement.

Step 4: Form a Board

Each club must have a board of five members. The best way to get other UNLV alumni involved is to invite them to attend a planning meeting or to hold a kickoff event that will draw potential volunteers. Generally, clubs can expect to organize up to two events annually.

Step 5: Plan an Event

Use your creativity and host an event you think alumni will find appealing. Every club that is created gives more and more alumni the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with each other and with UNLV. Some ideas for events include:

Meet for Drinks

Meet at a local restaurant or pub for appetizers and beverages.

Have a Meal Together

Gather for brunch, host a reception, try a new restaurant, or hold a gourmet potluck dinner.

Attend an Athletic Event

Attend UNLV games or host a watch party.

Have Some Fun

Cruise the lake or take a hike.

Make a Difference

Coordinate a service activity to improve your local community.

Invite a Special Guest

Invite a visiting UNLV faculty member, the university president, an alumnus with a special area of expertise, or someone of local renown.

Attend a Cultural Event

View the work of a new local artist, catch that touring show you wanted to see, or attend the symphony's latest performance.

Make Connections

Host a new student send-off as he or she heads to UNLV, or offer a career connections event.

Step 6: Market Your Event

Draft your communications and send it toJessica at 702-895-2378 . Jessica will revise and prepare materials for distribution. Once the verbiage and graphics have been settled, Jessica will end any email messages. Volunteers help promote the event by promoting on social media and inviting their friends to attend.

Step 7: Attend the Event

Act as the event host by checking in guests, welcoming them to the event, networking, and helping to clean up the event.

Step 8: Share Updates

Share any contact updates with Amanda Gordon at 702-895-2378 or so she can keep your roster up to date.