The American Indian Research and Education Center (AIREC), was officially created on Nov. 1, 2002, as a UNLV research center designed to serve tribes and the general public. The center is an independent entity, under the School of Public Health, focusing on the specific needs of American Indians in Nevada, the region, and the U.S. The center conducts social behavioral/applied research, promotes educational and research opportunities for American Indian students, provides training and technical assistance, and serves as an informational resource for the campus community and the general population. Since opening, the center has demonstrated its potential with aggressive efforts to address critical issues for Indian people and a growing number of state and national partnerships. Going forward, the center will continue to expand its outreach efforts and capabilities.


The mission of the American Indian Research and Education Center is to promote the health and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives of all ages by pursuing social behavioral/applied research opportunities that recognizes the unique cultural contexts of this population and that enhance the ability of tribes, the university community, and the general public to understand and address issues affecting American Indian populations through training, technical assistance, and education.