The purpose of the Adult Learner Advisory Board (ALAB) is to collaborate with entities across campus to foster a supportive environment that empowers our undergraduate and graduate Adult Learners. We are dedicated to providing meaningful connections, guidance, and support to navigate barriers or challenges; and provide valuable services and accessible opportunities that will assist our students in obtaining personal and academic success at UNLV from the point of entry to degree completion. 


Our vision is student-centered with the goal of cultivating adult learners' personal and academic experiences. We aim to amplify adult learners' voice and agency, provide engaging resources, connect with student organizations, and create a strong sense of community to improve students' lives and build a better academic experience.

Adult Learner Advisory Board Members

Esther Herrera, M.Ed.

Co-Chair, Assistant Director of Advising, College of Hospitality
Esther Herrerra's portrait.
Office: HOS 124
Mail Code: 6021
Phone: 702-895-3616

Elizabeth Johnson

Co-Chair, Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Success Center
image of Elizabeth Johnson
Phone: 702-895-0663

Rochelle Walker, M. Ed.

Co-Chair, Senior Academic Advisor, College of Fine Arts
Woman Smiling
Office: CDC-02
Phone: 702-895-5366

Maria Aladjova

Senior Academic Advisor, College of Health Sciences
A woman smiling
Office: WHA-1 104
Phone: 702-895-0510

Valarie Burke, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Services
Valarie Burke
Office: GTW 211
Mail Code: 1017
Phone: 702-895-5773

Jefferson Detrick

Academic Counselor for Adult Education Services, Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach
Jefferson Detrick
Phone: 702-774-4037

Janet Hollinger

Assistant Director of Curriculum and Transfer Advising
Janet Hollinger
Phone: 702-651-4931

Tracy Johnson, M.A.

Associate Director of Retention, Progression, and Completion, Graduate College
Tracy Johnson
Office: GTW 204
Mail Code: 1017
Phone: 702-895-4836