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Struggling with overwhelming and unpredictable changes in mood, behavior, or energy? Have you recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, or questioned whether a genetic predisposition for bipolar may be behind your mood?
UNLV PRACTICE, UNLV Health, NAMI Southern Nevada, and the State of Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health announce POWER (Performance Optimization for Wellness, Empowerment, and Resilience (POWER), a Program for Early Bipolar), a coordinated specialty care program for individuals with early bipolar.
POWER is a strength-based interdisciplinary program providing treatment, support, and empowerment to individuals with early bipolar and their family members to optimize functioning across relationships, health, education, employment and other important life domains.

Discovering our "SuperPOWERs"

Performance Optimization: Optimize thinking, communication and performance.

Family Education: Optimize understanding and relationships.

Psychiatry Services: Optimize mental and physical well being.

Case Management: Optimize access to resources and services.

Peer Support: Optimize social and community connection.

Education and Employment Support: Optimize your future goals and opportunities.

Contact Information

You can contact us by phone or email
Emily Burden, Clinical Director
phone: (702) 895-5555
fax: (702) 895-1530
801 S Rancho Dr. Suite D2 Las Vegas, NV 89106

Eligibility Requirements

  • Experiencing symptoms that meet DSM-5 criteria for a bipolar or related disorder, including: 

- Bipolar I or Bipolar II 

- Cyclothymic Disorder 

- Other specified bipolar 

  • Ages 15 and up 
  • Within two years of first Manic episode and fewer than 12 months of lifetime treatment with antipsychotic or mood stabilizing medications
  • IQ of 80 or greater (as determined by POWER program evaluation)
  • Residents within Clark Behavioral Health Region in Southern Nevada 

How to Access the Program 

In order to access POWER services, interested parties can call 702-895-5555 or email at POWER@unlv.edu

The client will then be contacted within 24 business hours via phone by a POWER team member to facilitate the phone screening process: 

  • Provide information on the program
  • Collect client demographic information 
  • Obtain verbal consent for treatment 
  • Screen inclusion and exclusion criteria with client and/or client guardian. 

Based on inclusion/exclusion criteria, in-office POWER intake is scheduled.