The Leadership Engagement and Development (LEAD) Team is a student organization that plans programs to empower and promote UNLV student leadership development and civic engagement.
We view leadership as a purposeful and collaborative process of creating change, and we believe leadership is a process with which everyone can engage. Our programs are designed to help every UNLV student-regardless of previous experience with leadership or identification as a leader-to understand, value, and practice socially-responsible leadership.
Civic Engagement is an important part of community membership.


The LEAD Team hosts free, fun, dynamic programs and workshops to help every UNLV student learn and practice leadership skills!


Leadership Lunches

Meet new people, eat free food, and talk about leadership during these hour-long lunch workshops hosted throughout the semester.

Snacks & Skills

Civic Engagement is a set of skills, knowledge, behaviors and motivations that we can all learn and develop. Learn about elevator pitches, redistricting, running for election, former politicians, rights and responsibilities of protestors, how to counter voter suppression and even learn more about election research and what is on the ballot. These are hour-long workshops to equip you to be a more prepared community member!

Field Excursions

Join the team as we get off-campus and explore leadership and civic engagement in our community. This could mean a Leading Edge hike, a low ropes course, an escape room where we explore communication and leadership, an off-site panel or community org visit!


Sign up to engage in a free day-long LeaderShape Catalyst conference where you’ll learn to develop your own authentic path, connect to groups and causes you care about, and commit to a plan to be a catalyst for yourself and the groups you’re part of.

Leadership Certificate (co-curricular)

The co-curricular Leadership Certificate is a way to recognize those students who have engaged in multiple LEAD Team events throughout the year. In July, the office will release updated information about the requirements for students to complete the basic certificate or to earn an additional specialized track. As always, the experiences will be grounded in social justice and social change-- but we also strive to make things fun and relevant to your future path.

Leadership Navigators

The Navigators program is a scholarship-based program to develop social change leaders. Applications will open in July and the experience begins in September through May. Navigators will be part of a group of 15 peers who will all receive $500 scholarships (disbursed in December and May, totaling $1000) after successful engagement with the program.

Join the LEAD Team

Interested in helping to plan leadership opportunities on campus? Join the Leadership Engagement and Development (LEAD) Team! LEAD Team Program Assistants plan, market and facilitate events to develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation to build leadership and civic engagement skills and knowledge with UNLV and Las Vegas communities. We typically hire in March/April for the next year, but we share any mid-year openings in our newsletter and on social media.

Additional Information

For more information about upcoming programs or becoming a member of the LEAD Team, contact lead@unlv.edu.