The SEB greenhouse is a core facility with four individually controlled bays and a communal headhouse. The headhouse contains the controls for an iGrow system that monitors the environment and adapts the mechanical systems to control conditions in each bay. The iGrow system uses information from its outside weather station and sensors in each bay to predict energy load. The program then calculates the best way to maintain a stable environment in each bay with minimal fluctuation. A system manager can also make changes remotely to each bay to help maintain or change conditions. In the event of a system failure and environmental condition falls outside of required specifications, the greenhouse is wired to the SEB Programmatic Alarm System which sends out an alarm so research will not be lost. The headhouse also contains space for small storage of items and work benches for preparation of materials.

The greenhouse bays each contain sensors monitoring temperature and humidity so the iGrow system will be able to monitor and adjust conditions to remain within user defined specifications. Bays are also equipped with domestic and RO water systems, movable benches and retractable solar shades.

More information regarding Greenhouse policies and specifications can be viewed below.

To request more information or to schedule research in the greenhouse please contact Eric Knight.


Eric Knight
Assistant Director, Research Infrastructure
SEB 2103
Mail Stop: 4022