Panel Mount Regulators and Changeover System

The Science and Engineering Building infrastructure utilizes a gas delivery system that allows users to connect their tanks outside in the service hall and gases are piped inside the lab to the instrumentation or benchtop processes. This system has several advantages over keeping tanks inside the lab. Cylinders no longer take up excessive space inside, tank tip hazard is removed, and lab personnel no longer need to handle tanks.

This system utilizes several types of panel mount regulators for easy tank hook-up:

Changeover System Diagram
  1. Changeover Regulator

    Regulator designed to allow uninterrupted gas supply to the lab with selectable lead and lag tanks. When lead tank becomes empty the regulator automatically switches to the lag tank. Note: When using a changeover regulator and replacing a depleted tank, the “IN SERVICE” dial must be cycled once reselecting your preferred lead tank.

  2. Single Stange Regulator

    Regulator designed for a single cylinder attachment.

  3. CGA Check Valve

    All panel mounted regulator CGA fittings include a spring assisted check valve so ambient air does not enter the hose during cylinder replacement. This will maintain the ultra high purity of your gases.

Note: Each regulator has a set of dry contacts which can detect when a tank is depleted. If the gas service to your lab is considered critical we can easily integrate your cylinder to the SEB Programmatic Systems Alarm so notification is made when a tank nears empty.