Black/African American

Students of the Black / African American Program posing for a photo together.


The Black/African American Program Coordinator serves UNLV’s Afrodescendant student population. They are responsible for creating programs, facilitating workshops, and providing resources with the goal of affirming, educating, and empowering students. The Coordinator also addresses the needs of Afrodescendent students through collaborative advocacy, coalition building, and explicitly communicating the barriers deterring Afrodescendant students from personal, professional, and academic success.

Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright

Meet the Coordinator

Kevin L. Wright (he/him/his) currently serves as the inaugural Black/African American Program Coordinator in the Office of Student Diversity & Social Justice. Kevin is responsible for educating and celebrating various aspects within the African Diaspora, creating programs and initiatives to build community among students within the African Diaspora, and creating and maintaining equitable and inclusive spaces designed to benefit students with an intersectional lens. Kevin has previously worked in Residence Life, Student Activities, TRIO Programs, Student Affairs Administration, and Student Leadership and Service Learning. Kevin received his bachelors in Business Communications with a minor in Sociology from Northern Arizona University and his masters in Student Affairs Administration from Lewis & Clark College, as part of the inaugural cohort; he is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Professional Leadership, Inquiry, and Transformation from Concordia University - Portland.

Services & Programs

The following are key programs and services offered to UNLV students:


  • Annual Black Carpet
  • Black Womxn’s Health Program
  • Black History Month Leadership Lunch
  • Black Game Night

Marketing Campaigns

  • Juneteenth Campaign
  • #WhileBlackatUNLV Campaign


  • Burnout alleviation training
  • Get ‘Cha Money Right (Financial Literacy Training)


There are many resources and services available for student success at UNLV and our local community. The following is a sampling of those resources:

On Campus

Off Campus