Chair's Welcome

David Damore

David Damore

Welcome to the Department of Political Science at UNLV. With more than 350 majors, the Department has one of the largest undergraduate programs in the College of Liberal Arts.

Our B.A. program provides students with the academic foundation to pursue careers in policy analysis and research, teaching, and the legal profession. Recent graduates have been admitted to highly selective graduate and law programs, while others have successful careers in government affairs and the public service working for state, local, and federal governmental organizations.

The Department also provides undergraduate students with opportunities for professional development and research. Students can earn credits interning for political campaigns or with governmental and non-governmental entities including the Nevada Legislature, local media outlets, and law firms. Undergraduate students can partner with faculty members and graduate students on research projects through the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Graduate College Rebel Research and Mentorship Program.

We also offer Ph.D. and M.A. programs of study emphasizing methodological rigor, hands-on teaching experience, and opportunities for research collaborations. Our graduates have been placed in tenure-track academic positions and as analysts in the public and private sectors, while others work in government and on the UNLV campus.

To learn more about what the Department offers, explore our website.

David Damore
Professor and Chair