Welcome to the UNLV Planning and Construction website. This website provides information on the services our department provides for UNLV campus projects and initiatives including campus physical master planning, design, construction, furniture/equipment specification and installation, and other services, and how to request these services, in addition to other information about UNLV Planning and Construction.

Since its founding in 1957, UNLV has experienced significant growth in our student body, faculty, staff, programs, community engagement and service, and other activities. Our campuses have grown from a single, modestly developed campus on Maryland Parkway to three major campuses/sites, including the full-service Maryland Parkway campus with facilities that support a broad range of academic, research, campus life, housing, athletics, student recreation, arts, culture, and other activities; the Shadow Lane campus with a variety of academic and research activities related to health sciences; and the Harry Reid Research and Technology Park, which is planned to support a wide range of research activities and public/private partnerships. UNLV also is planning a fourth campus in North Las Vegas that would provide additional opportunities for academic, research, and a wide range of other campus activities, community engagement, and service.

UNLV Planning and Construction is proud to serve UNLV in providing and managing all campus physical master planning, design, construction, furniture/equipment specification and installation, and other design/construction project services. Our capable and committed staff is dedicated to serving our clients and users, ensuring that the wide range of issues relative to our projects and initiatives are considered and resolved thoughtfully with UNLV's overall interests in mind.

On behalf of all of the staff at UNLV Planning and Construction, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of those at UNLV and in the Southern Nevada community who share their passion, collaborative spirit, expertise, time, and interest in continuing to make UNLV a great university with exceptional campuses and facilities. We are honored to work with all of you and look forward to continuing efforts to develop and enhance our campuses and facilities to serve our students, faculty, staff, and the Southern Nevada community.


David Frommer, AIA
UNLV Planning and Construction
Associate Vice President of Planning, Construction and Real Estate

Portrait of David Frommer

David Frommer