Headshot of Zhonghai Ding

Zhonghai Ding

Department(s): Mathematical Sciences
Office: CDC-10 1004
Mail Code: 4020
Phone: 702-895-0386
Fax: 702-895-4343
Email: zhonghai.ding@unlv.edu


Control Theory, Partial Differential Equation, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Computation

Additional Info

My research interests are mathematical modeling, analysis, and computation of problems arising from the real applications such as multiparticle systems in chemical physics, suspension bridge systems, shape memory alloys, oxidation of metal matrix composites, stabilization and control of dynamical structures. These systems are usually governed by linear or nonlinear partial differential equations. My research emphasizes on proving the existence and multiplicity of solutions, analyzing system behaviors, developing numerical methods for computing solutions, and investigating related control issues.