Headshot of Vicky Albert, Ph.D.

Vicky Albert, Ph.D.



Vicky Albert’s research focuses on welfare policies and programs. Over time, her research branched out into other fields that intersect with welfare, including child welfare and immigration. Much of Albert’s research evaluates the consequences of social policies for families with children from an aggregate or macro perspective.

In recent years, Dr. Ron Haskins, Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. and Dr. Albert collaborated on a project, titled “The Responsiveness of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program during the Great Recession”. This was funded by The Pew Charitable Trust as part of the Economic Mobility Project. Two of their publications as a result of their project are as follows:

Recently results of this project were presented at the London School of Economics. Albert’s other publications include books and articles on welfare benefit levels and families’ economic well-being, states’ decisions to set welfare benefit levels, welfare financial incentives, and welfare reform. She wrote Welfare Dependence and Welfare Policy: A Statistical Study (sole author, Greenwood Press, 1988) and From Child Abuse to Permanency Planning (Co-author, Aldine de-Gruyter, 1994).

Albert was a professor at The Ohio State University and has been teaching at University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Social Work since 1998. She received her doctorate from U.C. Berkeley in Social Welfare. Her doctoral dissertation was conducted in the department of economics.