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Timothy Grigsby, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Public Health
GTW 310
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Dr. Tim Grigsby is an Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Health in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. He completed his PhD in Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research) from the University of Southern California in 2016. His primary research interests are on the health effects of childhood trauma, the conceptualization, measurement, screening, and prevention of substance misuse, and identifying sources of health disparities in Hispanic/Latinx communities. His secondary interests are in the dissemination of novel research and analytic methods in public health research.

Dr. Grigsby's primary research interest focuses on the conceptualization, measurement, and prevention of substance misuse. His work explores the role of family- and community-based trauma exposure as risk factors for substance use, misuse, and related health outcomes in minority populations. Specifically, his work has identified adverse childhood experiences and perceived discrimination as important risk-factors of substance use, violence, and adverse health outcomes in minority populations.