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Thomas Gresham

Graduate Assistant

FDH 461


Thomas “Tex” Gresham is a fiction writer, filmmaker, and screenwriter born and raised in Texas. His writing has been published in numerous places, both online and in print. Tex's screenwriting has earned him a spot at the Cinestory Fellowship and recognition by the Nicholls Fellowship, sponsored by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences. His cinematic focus is on unconventional narratives. As a writer, his obsessions are the complexities of morality, unsettling the reader/viewer, sudden violence, the influence of media, and the absurd. He loves when people scream "Get down!" or "Hang on!" in movies. To view some of his writing, visit his website.

Tex has a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from Texas State University and a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from San Diego State University, where he was also the editor for the literary magazine Fiction International. Tex is a current an MFA candidate in Writing for Dramatic Media at University of Nevada Las Vegas.