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Suzanne Becker

Embedded Educational Technologist

Online Education
GUA 3111
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Suzanne Becker is an Embedded Educational Technologist with the Office of Online Education and the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs. She assists faculty with digital instructional materials and tools to enhance their courses, helping to bridge pedagogy and technology. Serving as a liaison for Urban Affairs, she collaborates between the college’s academic departments and faculty, the Office of Online Education, and the Office of Information Technology. Suzanne comes from UNLV’s Department of Sociology, where she received her PhD. She also holds an MA in Sociology, and a BA in Journalism and Communications. She has taught courses in the departments of sociology, and interdisciplinary, gender, and ethnic studies, on topics of social problems and research methods, urban sociology, subculture, gender, race, and class. Outside of the office you can find Suzanne outdoors on the trails, rocks, and slopes, and spending quality time with her two and four-legged family and friends.