Headshot of Stephen G. Brown

Stephen G. Brown

Department(s): English
Office: RLL 252
Mail Code: 5011
Phone: 702-895-1292
Fax: 702-895-4801
Email: stephen.brown@unlv.edu


Stephen Brown is the author of three books: Words in the Wilderness (Suny P, 2000), W. Ross Winterowd Award Winner; Gardens of Desire: Marcel Proust and the Fugitive Sublime (Suny P 2004); Socrates and Freire (Routledge 2012).


Barrick Scholar, 2008. Outstanding Dissertation Award (USF, 1997).

B.A. — University of California, Santa Barbara

MA/Ph.D. — University South Florida (1997)

Areas of Scholarship

Comparative Lit, Environmental Lit, Rhetoric and Writing.