Portrait of Sean Gigremosa

Sean Gigremosa

Founder and CEO, Skryb Corp (dba Claritiv)

Marketing and International Business


Sean Gigremosa, a seasoned global product management executive, excels in leading agile teams and integrating business processes with technology to propel Fortune 500 firms toward higher profitability. With an honors bachelor's degree from Middlesex University and a prestigious Sir Henry Royce Award for Customer Service at Rolls-Royce, Sean's illustrious 25-year career metamorphosed from web development, crafting digital solutions for eminent firms like Warner Brothers, to spearheading product innovation at Premiere Digital. Now residing in Las Vegas with his family, Sean, a self-styled "product management ninja," relishes exploring global cultures through culinary adventures. His leadership ethos, centered around a unified team spirit and empowerment, and his agile methodology expertise have always resulted in high-quality deliverables. The inception of Claritiv, Sean's venture to tackle product discovery challenges using AI, underscores his innovative spirit. His narrative is an inspiring blend of continuous growth, agile product management, and the "product management ninja" finesse, making him a revered figure in the product management sphere, known for delivering human-centric digital solutions and leading multicultural teams to success through shared goals and culinary bonding.