Headshot of Roxanne Farrar, Ph.D.

Roxanne Farrar, Ph.D.

​Part-Time Instructor
Department(s): Art
Mail Code: 5002
Email: roxanne.farrar@unlv.edu


I moved here to Vegas almost 4 years ago, and I love it! In addition to this History of Graphic Design Online course that I created and teach here at UNLV, I also teach online classes elsewhere too. I love teaching online because I enjoy interacting with my students and I believe that online is the best way to learn for history-related classes like this one. My background as an art historian prepared me well to create this new online course on the History of Graphic Design. While we will make relevant connections and practical applications of what we learn in this class this semester, this is basically a specialized art history class, not a studio class. We will not be graded on our design work in this class, though we may choose to use our work as relevant examples. I always love to see my students’ art!