Ronald Gary

Ronald Gary

Professor, Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHE 214B
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In the Gary Lab, a variety of biochemical, pharmacological, and molecular biology techniques are used to study cell cycle regulation in human cells. The p53 gene is a major tumor suppressor in human cells. Aberrant p53 function is a factor in approximately 50 percent of all human cancers. The transcriptional activity of p53 can be activated in response to DNA damage, during replicative senescence, and during apoptosis. However, there are subtle differences in p53 function under each of these three circumstances. Our lab investigates the cell signaling pathways that govern the distinct cell cycle regulatory functions of p53.


Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology, Cell Signaling, DNA Damage Repair, Kinases, Protein-Protein Interactions, Gene Expression, Molecular Pharmacology, Cell Cycle Regulation, Cellular Senescence, Apoptosis

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SEB Program Group: Genomics Core Lab
SEB Lab Location: 3123/3124
SEB Lab Phone Number: 702-895-1057