Headshot of Laurence Myers Reese

Laurence Myers Reese

MFA Candidate, Graduate Assistant
Department(s): Art
Mail Code: 5002
Email: reesel1@unlv.nevada.edu


Laurence Myers Reese works in performance and painting, exploring gender, the queer body, and ritual. Reese earned a BFA in Studio Art and a minor in Art History from the University of Oklahoma, Norman. He has exhibited at KillJoy Collective (Portland, Oregon), Front/Space (Kansas City, Missouri) and the 21C Museum Hotel (Bentonville, Arkansas). He received a grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition for his project RE: Season 10 Audition, a multimedia installation documenting the creation of an audition tape for RuPaul’s Drag Race. This project premiered at the Momentum Ada New Media festival in Oklahoma. Laurence has worked in both non-profit administrative, teaching, and curatorial roles at the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Individual Artists of Oklahoma, and Century Martial Arts, the world’s largest martial arts supplier. He was recently awarded a UNLV GPSA Sponsorship grant to support his thesis research.