Headshot of Ken Czerwinski

Ken Czerwinski

Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry/Radiochemistry
Department(s): Chemistry
Office: MSM-HRC 313
Mail Code: 4009
Phone: 702-895-0501
Fax: 702-895-1907
Email: czerwin2@unlv.nevada.edu


Dr. Czerwinski’s current research is centered on understanding the chemical speciation and coordination of actinides and technetium compounds for exploratory and applied studies. His fundamental research focuses on coordination chemistry and evaluating electronic structure. By understanding radioelement containing systems, one can determine relevant species, study their behavior, verify results, inform computational efforts, and incorporate the latest concepts into education. Current projects include speciation of actinides in spent fuel, chemical speciation of actinides in separations, nuclear forensics, and radioelement compounds and material synthesis. Dr. Czerwinski was elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences in 2012 for his distinguished contributions to actinide and fission product chemistry.