Headshot of Kasra Ghaharian

Kasra Ghaharian

Research Assistant
Department(s): International Gaming Institute
Mail Code: 6037
Email: kasra.ghaharian@unlv.edu


Kasra Ghaharian is a research assistant at the UNLV International Gaming Institute, and Ph.D. student in the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality. His research focuses on the health of shift workers in the hospitality industry. Specifically, Ghaharian hopes to identify lifestyle interventions such as exercise, sleep hygiene, and nutrition, that could help ameliorate the negative health consequences associated with shift work.

Kasra received his Master’s in Hotel Administration from UNLV in 2010 and published “A Mathematical Approach for Optimizing the Casino Slot Floor: A Linear Programming Application,” the first study to apply mathematical methods to the age-old task of optimizing the casino floor.

After his master’s, Kasra worked in the industry for several years, applying his data-driven techniques to the online and digital landscapes for two of the largest hotel casino companies in the world. In 2017, Kasra pursued his interests in health and wellness, receiving an additional Master’s in Sports & Exercise Nutrition from Middlesex University in the United Kingdom—achieving first-class honors.

Kasra also practiced as a sports nutritionist, working with amateur to elite-level athletes in sports such as cycling, middle-distance running, and mixed martial arts.

These unique academic and professional experiences equip Kasra with an ideal skillset to tackle his interdisciplinary research on shift work, as well as IGI projects centered around problem gambling and esports.