Karen Tyler

Karen Tyler

Child Welfare Training Specialist | Research and Public Service

Social Work
CSB 163A - 14


Karen Tyler has served children and families for over 25 years. She delivered services to individuals within the schools and hospitals arena and a majority of her rendered services have been working within the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in the State of Illinois. Karen worked in the venue of foster care programs, transitional living and independent living programs (including pregnant and parenting). She has held the position as a case worker, supervisor and served as part of the management team. Karen then transitioned to the training team while providing training, coaching, and support to the workforce in child welfare.

Karen served as a field implementation support specialist at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIUC) within the Partnership for Training Program. This program is a part of the School of Social Work at UIUC. The program partnered with DCFS to provide coaching and training to the workforce. Karen continued her role as a child welfare trainer when she relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and joined Nevada for Partner Training (NPT) at UNLV. As a partnership, the NPT team also provides coaching and training for the workforce within the Department of Family (DFS) services.

Karen continues to serve as an adjunct professor in the Department of Social Work at Indiana University Northwest (IU Northwest) and has done so for the past eight years. She also serves as an adjunct professor at University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) and teaches courses across the bachelor’s and master's programs.

Karen is a certified Family Thrive trainer and focuses on enhancing the engagement skills of others to build and strengthen families. She also serves on the Quality Parenting Initiative Work Group in Clark County as well as the state’s Child and Family Service Review Work Group.

Karen enjoys spending time with family, skating, and vacationing.