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Joel S. Snyder, Ph.D.


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Research Interests

Joel Snyder investigates auditory perception and cognition. Research questions include: How do listeners perceive and remember real-world auditory scenes and objects? Also, what are the mechanisms underlying our ability to perceive temporal structure in music, and experience emotional reactions in the process such as groove and chills? His research employs the measurement techniques of cognitive psychology (perceptual judgments and sensory-motor tasks) and cognitive neuroscience (especially event-related brain potentials, but also functional imaging and brain stimulation). Current topics of research are: 1) auditory scene perception, 2) long-term memory for natural auditory and visual stimuli, 3) perception of groove in music, 4) perception and production of musical rhythm, and 5) the relation between misophonia, musicality, and the brain.

Dr. Snyder teaches courses on Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience.