Jason L. Wasden

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Jason L. Wasden

Executive Director of Government Affairs

Government Affairs
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Jason Wasden began a career in higher education at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) as a student worker in the registrar’s office. In October of 2000 he accepted a position with the Bursars’ office at CSN as a Clerical Trainee. This laid a solid foundation in student services and resulted in his desire to make students’ needs a priority. In September of 2002 Dr. Wasden transferred to UNLV as an Accounting Assistant with the School of Dental Medicine. He served in progressively responsible positions with the school from 2002 to 2016. This led to a deeper understanding of department finance, administration, foundation, and alumni needs. He has a firm grasp of higher education and how all the pieces fit together. In August of 2016 he transferred to the office of Government Affairs to assume the position of Director of Government Affairs.

Dr. Wasden is an accomplished business operations, finance, and policy professional who contributes to the growth and development of institutional goals and objectives. With over 18 years of experience in higher education he managed a budget of over $30,000,000, and has an impeccable record of delivering on-time and on-budget projects in excess of $16,000,000. Dr. Wasden managed expenditures for grants in excess of $100,000 and ensured all funds were spent appropriately and within the limits of the assigned grant. His broad experience working with the commercial sector, legal, grants, boards, commissions, agencies, technology, safety, medical and infrastructure improvements, and finance committees makes him acutely aware of the needs of Nevada’s residents and the West.

Dr. Wasden created marketing materials for the School of Dental Medicine to project the economic impact of business ventures, developed and negotiated with vendors to reduce costs for a savings of over $500,000 annually, and opened discussions to explore new sources of revenue resulting in $25,000 per doctor for each qualified provider. His keen leadership in facilitating and developing innovation resulted in increased profit for the School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Wasden has managed projects, collaborated with planning and construction, and public relations to establish communication of policy goals to advance business improvements through research, presentation, governmental challenges, infrastructure, and teaching. Dr. Wasden has taught graduate level courses as an invited lecturer and as a course director.

Dr. Wasden is an experienced advisor for educational, chamber of commerce, and business committees. He has performed legislative analysis and media outreach campaigns for multi-jurisdictional initiatives. His professional excellence in relationship management, knowledge sharing, and policy enactment among all strata of executives, government officials, and constituents makes him a great asset when trying to advance the vision and mission of the organization.

While actively pursuing his career Dr. Wasden attended school after hours full time to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Master of Public Administration, and a PhD in Public Affairs all at UNLV. He has 4 children ranging in age from 10 to 25. He loves the outdoors and volunteers time with youth groups to take them on adventures. Dr. Wasden loves education, statistics, government, network analysis, and just spending time with his family.


Ph.D. : 2012 : University of Nevada, Las Vegas
MPA : 2009 : University of Nevada, Las Vegas
BS : 2006 : University of Nevada, Las Vegas