James H. Frey, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus



James Frey Ph.D. started his work in the UNLV Sociology Department in 1974. His teaching and research specialties included Sociology of Sport, Sociology of Gambling, and Research Methods. He taught the Principles of Sociology course nearly every semester during his distinguished career. Dr. Frey served two terms as Chair of the UNLV Sociology Department and established UNLV’s Cannon Center for Survey Research and UNLV’s Center on Aging. Dr. Frey was appointed UNLV College of Liberal Arts Dean in 1998, a post that he retained until retiring from the university in 2004. During his time as Dean, Dr. Frey secured doctoral programs in Anthropology, Clinical Psychology, and Experimental Psychology. He also led efforts to secure federal research funding, including almost one million dollars for the Nevada Test Site Oral History Project, an interdisciplinary project between the UNLV History and Sociology Departments. In 2013, Dr. Frey established the James Frey Research Scholarship, an annual award for the top Ph.D. graduate student researcher in the UNLV Sociology Department.