Emmanuel Gutierrez Christodoulakis's Picture

Emmanuel Gutierrez Christodoulakis

Owner, Willows Restaurant


With a dynamic background spanning various industries and an undergraduate business degree from UNLV, Emmanuel is a multifaceted professional dedicated to making a positive impact in both business and philanthropy. As the owner of the Willow’s restaurant at desert Willow golf course, he has honed his skills in hospitality and culinary excellence. Moreover, his extensive experience as an event planner, orchestrating over 1,000 successful events, demonstrates his adeptness in organization and execution. Beyond his professional endeavors, Emmanuel engages in diverse interests such as competing in golf tournaments, strategizing moves in chess, and learning new languages as hobbies.  However, his commitment to giving back truly shines through his involvement with the NFL Alumni where he actively contributes to initiatives benefiting small business owners and the Las Vegas school system. Through philanthropic efforts spanning multiple charities, he passionately supports causes close to his heart and strives to improve the lives of others and foster positive change in his community. Emmanuel embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, compassion, and philanthropy, leaving an indelible mark wherever he goes.