Nemet Borna

Borna Nemet, MrE

Graduate Assistant

BDC 234
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Borna Nemet is a Croatian citizen from the University of Zagreb. In 2019, he graduated from UNLV with a master’s degree, teaching courses in interactional-communication aspects of education and didactics. Borna is pursuing two Ph.D., one in life-long learning and educational sciences and another in education literacy. In addition, he is actively involved in school management, student policy, rights and quality, and international relations. His area of interest includes early language acquisition, lifelong learning, communication skills, general pedagogy, and teaching methodology. He published articles in the Croatian Journal of Education and The Psychology and Education Journal and was a conference Chair for two international educational conferences in Europe. At the moment, Borna is a graduate assistant at the Nevada Educator Preparation Institute & Collaborative (NV-EPIC) and Nevada Institute on Teaching & Educator Preparation (NITEP). In addition, he is supporting future Nevada educators through professional development and engagement with the aim of long-term retention.