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Amber Wojciechowicz, MSN-Ed, RN


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Amber Wojciechowicz is a Lecturer at the UNLV School of Nursing. Wojciechowicz joined the school as a clincial instructor in 2019.


Wojciechowicz's nursing background includes a focus on critically ill adult patient populations, having worked in the Intermediate Care Unit (IMC) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). During the COVID pandemic, Wojciechowicz worked in the Medical ICU for local Las Vegas Hospital. 

Her experience caring for critically ill patients includes their families, who are potentially experience feelings of powerlessness, grief, remorse, or relief. In addition to providing education to patients and families, Wojciechowicz has experience educating licensed nurses in critical care areas.

She is also certified Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support instructor through the American Heart Association. 

Classes Taught

In the undergraduate BSN program, Wojciechowicz has taught Nursing Care of Adults Medical-Surgical Patient lecture, Nursing Care of Older Adults, and Complex Care clinicals. She also teaches clinicals for the DEMSN program.

Education Background

Wojciechowicz's education background includes a bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She a BSN and a MSN with an emphasis in education from UNLV.

Research or Scholarship

Her MSN final paper discussed the importance of interprofessional education as a method of improving patient outcomes through improved collaboration and communication.

Awards, Recognitions, or Group Affiliations

She is affiliated with Sigma Theta Tau, American Nurses Association, and American Association of Critical Care Nurses.