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Adeste Sipin, MA

Coordinator of Academic Support Services

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Adeste Sipin is the Coordinator for Academic Support Services in the department of Student Affairs and Admissions.

Sipin’s primary role at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV is to assist students in developing effective study and learning strategies. Success in medical schools starts with a self-awareness of how students learn, master, and retain knowledge. Through working with students one on one with success coaching appointments and workshops, he is able to help students build on their strengths, develop and enhance skills/strategies, and create action plans to help them reach their goals.

Sipin also runs the Kerkorian School of Medicine’s 2nd Aid Peer Tutor Program. 2nd Aid aims to help students succeed through group and one on one tutoring and mentorship. Group sessions topics include learning and working through practice USMLE style questions while helping students make connections between basic science knowledge and clinical scenarios. The 2nd Aid program also provides additional powerpoints and notes to aide students throughout the basic sciences curriculum.

Prior to coming to UNLV, Sipin was the Director of Academic Support Services at Nevada State College (NSC). During his 10 years at NSC, he created the Tutoring Center, Peer Course Assistant program, and ran the Academic Advising Center. Sipin also oversaw the Disability Resources Center, served on the Student Affairs and Progress committee for the School of Nursing, and worked on several retention initiatives as part of the Student Retention Taskforce. Throughout his tenure, Sipin’s work with Academic Support Services played an integral part in increasing retention rates by 10 percentage points.

Sipin hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics and one in Asian American Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles as well as a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Life Coaching/Sociology) from Liberty University.

Expert Areas

  • Student Affairs
  • Academic Support Services
  • Academic Success Coaching
  • Learning Strategies
  • Program and Strategy development