Allen Gibbs

Selection for Obese, Starvation Resistant Flies; Professor, School of Life Sciences
Allen Gibbs
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Gabriel Strong-Lundquist

MS Graduate Student and Program Coordinator
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Mira Han, Ph.D.

Deleterious Effects of Indels Based on Evolutionary Constraint; Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences
Mira Han
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Libby Hausrath

Geochemistry and Geomicrobiology; Professor, Department of Geosciences
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Brian Hedlund

  Biodiversity exploration, ecology, and physiology of microorganisms in springs; Professor, School of Life Sciences  
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Sean Neiswenter

Biogeography of Silky Pocket Mice; Associate Professor in Residence, School of Life Sciences
Sean Neiswenter
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Kurt Regner

REU Site PI; Professor-in-Residence, School of Life Sciences
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Eduardo Robleto

Transcription Induced Mutagenesis in Bacteria; Professor, School of Life Sciences
Eduardo Robleto
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Ai-Sun (Kelly) Tseng

Gene Regulation of Regeneration in Xenopus tadpoles; Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences
Ai-Sun (Kelly) Tseng
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Mo Weng

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), morphogenesis, and mechanosensing; Assistant Professor, School of Life Sciences 
Mo Weng
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Aude Picard

Assistant Research Professor
photo of Aude Picard
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Matthew Meiselman, Ph.D.

Matthew Meiselman
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Duane Moser

Microbial ecology of the terrestrial and marine subsurface, lakes and oceans, and arid lands, Associate Research Professor
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Dr. Ranjani Murali

Biochemistry, microbial ecology and evolutionary biology
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Nicole Pietrasiak

Terrestrial cyanobacteria and algae, biological soil crusts, dryland soil ecology, soil health, microbial biogeography, cyanobacterial systematics, and phylogenetics; Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences
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Boo Shan Tseng

Associate Professor
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Helen Wing

Transcriptional regulation in the pathogen Shigella; Protein evolution focusing on examples that manage and regulate DNA, Professor, School of Life Sciences
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