Latina/o Studies Minor Requirements

Course Credits
LAS 100: Introduction to Latino Studies 3
Spanish Language Course (214 or 227) 3
Distribution Requirement

SPAN: Introduction to Spanish Literature I
SPAN: Introduction to Spanish Literature II
SPAN: Introduction to Spanish American Literature I
SPAN: Introduction to Spanish American Literature II
SPAN: Topics in Hispanic Literature
SPAN: Topic in Hispanic Culture
ITAL: Italian Culture and Civilization
ITAL: Italian Popular Culture
ITAL: Topics in Italian Literature
ITAL: Italian Culture through Films
ITAL: Topics in Italian Studies
ENG 292: Introduction to Chicano Literature
ENG 496/696: Themes in Modern Chicano Literature
HIST 444/644: Latinos in the American West
HIST 470: History of Mexico
HIST 473: History of the Andean Region
HIST 475: Modern Latin American Film
HIST 476: The Mexican Revolution
COM 330: Selected Topics in Communication Studies
WMST 473/673: Chicana Feminism and Experience
WMST 477: Critical Race Feminism
SOC 471: Racial and Ethnic Conflict in the United States
SOC 472: Latina/Latinos in America
PSC 401I: Ethnic and Minority Politics
PSC 407E: Politics in Latin America

12 - 15
Internship Option (IDS 495A or IDS 495B) 3
Total: 21

Note: No more than two courses can be taken from one discipline.