Undergraduate Student Advising

The Education Student Services Center provides academic advising along with coordinating field placement for students enrolled in undergraduate programs within the Early Childhood, Multilingual and Special Education Department. Our goal is to help you become the best education practitioner that you can be!

Graduate Student Advising

Students at the graduate level are advised by faculty members who provide a number of services including comprehensive advice on graduate degree programs, assistance in developing a personal academic plan, and opening doors to research and service opportunities.

Alternate Route to Licensure (ARL) and Teach For America (TFA) Advising

The Department of Early Childhood, Multilingual and Special Education provides specialized advising appointments specifically designed for ARL and TFA students. Visit your program page to see more information about setting up an advising appointment.

English Language Learning

We are a program of faculty committed to the improvement of education for English Learners (ELs).