Professional Pledge

As a student of dentistry and as a dentist, I will conduct myself with competence and integrity, with candor and compassion, and with personal commitment to the best interests of my patients.

I shall care for my patients, as I would be cared for. The health and well-being of my patients will be my first consideration. I shall obtain consultation when it is appropriate. I shall include my patients in all important decisions about their care.

I shall accept all patients in a non-judgmental manner, and use my skills to serve those in need. I shall respect the full human dignity of each individual regardless of their race, economic status or religion. I will provide absolute discretion and confidentiality for those who entrust me with their care.

The high regard of my profession is born of society’s trust in its practitioners. I will strive to merit that trust. I shall at all times and in all places conduct myself with honor and integrity.

I will strive to advance my profession by seeking new knowledge and by re-examining the ideas and practices of the past. I will attend to my own physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual and professional development in the best interest of serving others.

I pledge myself to the service of humanity, my patients, my community and my profession.

I promise to uphold UNLV School of Dental Medicine’s Student Code of Honor and Professional Responsibility.

I promise to observe the code of ethics for the profession of dentistry from this day forward.

Based on the Hippocratic Oath, the Prayer of Maimonides and the 1947 Declaration of Geneva.