This program is a completely online post-professional occupational therapy doctorate (PP-OTD). It is an advanced degree for practicing occupational therapists, i.e. those who already have earned a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. It is designed to serve current working professionals who wish to advance their careers by earning a higher degree in order to assume positions in teaching, advanced clinical practice, and/or leadership positions.


For information regarding accreditation at UNLV, please head over to Academic Program Accreditations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate their advanced knowledge of occupational therapy practice through the attainment of course-level learning outcomes in the post-professional OTD program, measured by key assignments throughout their coursework.
  • Students will demonstrate advanced-level skill in the Evidence-Based Practice Course through the development of a clinical research question that they will investigate further in their Capstone project.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze the impact of social determinants by successfully writing a detailed research paper on one aspect of the social determinants of health in the Social Determinants of Health course.
  • Students will demonstrate effective skills in teaching others about occupational therapy within and outside of the profession through developing and delivering a course, workshop, or lecture to an occupational therapy audience of students and/or practitioners.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to synthesize their advanced knowledge by successfully completing a Capstone Project that leads to either publication and/or professional presentation.

Career Possibilities

The occupational therapy profession has been growing steadily since its inception in 1917. In the past few years there has been increased demand for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants due to the changing demographics in our country and changes in our healthcare delivery system. This has resulted in increased demand for occupational therapy educators as there has been significant increases in the number of educational programs for OT and OTA. The Post-Professional OTD Program at UNLV has a curricular emphasis on teaching and so graduates of the program should be able to apply for academic positions such as:

  • Part-time or adjunct faculty in OT and OTA Programs
  • Full-time academic positions in Master’s level OT programs, entry-level OTD programs, post-professional OTD programs, or OTA programs
  • Academic Fieldwork Coordinator positions in OT and OTA programs
  • Doctoral Capstone Coordinator positions in OTD Programs
  • Administrative positions in healthcare facilities
  • Research positions


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Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate


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