Minor in Unmanned Aircraft Systems

This minor program provides engineering and computer science undergraduate students with in-depth knowledge and technical aspects of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The curriculum focuses on UAS applications in unmanned surveillance, data collection, and autonomous navigation. The curriculum consists of 9 credit hours of core courses plus 12 credit hours of specialized elective-tracks. The core courses includes i) UAS technologies, ii) UAS Privacy, and iii) UAS training and testing courses.

Students entering the UAS minor program must be majors in engineering or computer science. Students with a science or math major need to contact the program coordinator for guidance. Students must apply in the minor two semesters prior to graduation and need to be approved by the minor program coordinator.

For information regarding accreditation at UNLV, please head over to Academic Program Accreditations.


Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of UAS.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key knowledge in privacy policy related to UAS.

Course Requirements

Students must complete 9 credits of UAS core courses and 12 credits of elective courses in specialty tracks. No more than 9 credits can be counted toward a major degree.

UAS Core Requirements (9 Credits)
Core Course
EGG 370: UAS Design and Applications
EGG 470/670: UAS Simulation and Testing
LAW 432: Privacy, Publicity & Defamation
Specialization Track Requirements (12 Credits)
Specialization Track Elective Courses
Autonomous System Design
  • ME 110: Private Pilot Ground School
  • ME 242: Dynamics
  • ME 380: Fluid Dynamics
  • ME 446: Composite
  • ME 482: Aerodynamics
  • ME 425: Robotics
  • ME 421 or EE 370: Feedback Control Systems
  • EE 475: Autonomous Systems and Control
  • EE 360: Signals and Systems I
  • EE 370: Feedback Control Systems
  • EE 472: Digital Control Systems
  • EE 475: Autonomous Systems and Control
  • EE 360: Signals and Systems I
  • EE 361: Signals and Systems II
  • EE 432: Antenna Engineering
  • EE 460: Analog and Digital Communications
  • EE 466: Wireless and Mobile Communications
  • CpE 400: Computer Communications Networks
HCI (Human-computer Interaction)
  • CS 135: Computer Science I
  • CS 351: Introduction to Multimedia
  • CS 420: Human-Computer Interaction
  • CS 482: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 465: Computer Networks I
  • CS 469: Introduction to Digital Image Processing


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