The Army ROTC program in the Department of Military Science offers an academically challenging and practical curriculum which can be completed in eight semesters or a compressed program of either four or six semesters. The military science curriculum supplements the university's baccalaureate or postgraduate studies. The Army is prepared to award a commission to any deserving student based on both Army ROTC and academic achievement upon graduation.

The scope of the military science curriculum is oriented toward developing the best all-around student who demonstrates leadership and managerial skill, reacts well under pressure, and understands general military subjects. Student cadets attend classroom conferences and a leadership laboratory program.


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Learning Outcomes

The overall objective of the Army ROTC program is to develop in the student cadet (through both classroom theory and practical application) the necessary traits, knowledge, proficiency, and experience needed to be commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. The candidate’s course of study includes a broad educational base, including academic subjects of particular value in both civilian and military pursuits. Student cadets develop expertise in the following subject areas:

  • Critically analyze the current Operational Environment in which our Armed Forces are deployed to better prepare to serve as a Platoon Leader.
  • Demonstrate and apply a basic understanding of Army operations, training management, safety, risk management, counseling and communications as a member of the Cadet Battalion Chain-of-Command.
  • Demonstrate and apply basic individual and unit military skills and leadership while functioning in a tactical environment as a member of a squad or platoon.
  • Demonstrate and apply time management skills and troop leading procedures to develop and articulate a complete five paragraph Operations Order.
  • Apply tactical and strategic lessons learned from warfare throughout history to current and potential military engagements.

The curriculum prepares the student for military service.

Career Possibilities

The Army is prepared to award a commission to any deserving student based on both Army ROTC and academic achievement upon graduation.


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Minor in Military Science

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