Students minoring in journalism and media studies focus generally on classes that feature an appreciation for the First Amendment, as well as the ways media has shaped and continues to shape communications and society. Topics also include the practical and theoretical ways in which media affects daily life, focusing on the roles professionals and institutions play in distributing information.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Describe concepts, issues, and practices regarding the principles and laws of freedom of speech and press, including the right to dissent, to monitor and criticize power, and to assemble and petition for redress of grievances;
  • Explain the history and role of professionals and institutions in shaping journalism, media and communications organizations;
  • Discuss the diversity of groups in a global society in relationship to journalism, media and communications organizations;
  • Apply concepts and theories in the use and presentation of images and information.

Career Possibilities

  • Top Industries for JMS students: Media; Hospitality; Arts; & Entertainment; Education; Information Technology; Marketing; Finance; Government; Services; Non-Profit
  • Job Titles Listed in Career Guide: Advertising Coordinator; Announcers; Broadcasting; Correspondents; Editors; Media Operators; News Analysts; Public Relations Specialist; Reporters; Writers
  • Occupational Titles: Chief Executive Officer; Account Executive; Marketing Director; Account Manager; Social Media Manager; Digital Marketing Manager; Producer; Assistant Manager; Communications Director; Social Media Specialist; Teacher; Associate Producer; Marketing Manager


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Minor in Journalism and Media Studies


Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies

The Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies offers an innovative and integrated approach to research and study of today’s dynamic news, marketing, public relations, and social media in traditional and digital environments.


Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

The Greenspun College of Urban Affairs is committed to creating contemporary solutions for resilient communities. Its academic programs focus on effective public policymaking, creating support structures to meet behavioral and mental health challenges, ensuring cities are safe and prepared to meet emergency situations, effective and ethical journalism, and interpersonal and public communication strategies.