Bldg Room Title Description
HRC 183 NIPM Bioinformatics/Biostatistics lab (NBBL) The NIPM computer laboratory occupies approximately 1300 ft2 in HRC183. The room has 20 computer workstations equipped with 15 Dell Optiplex 720 MT computers, 5 Dell Optiplex 7060 MT computers two laptops, and an HP 605 laser printer.
HRC 271 NIPM Shared Research lab (NSRL) This is a new renovated shared laboratory designed for 3 new NIPM faculty.
HRC 272 NIPM Shared Research labs (NSRCCL) - Cell Culture This is a new renovated shared cell culture laboratory designed for 3 new NIPM faculty.
HRC 244 NIPM Shared Research labs (NSRML) Microscopy This is a new renovated shared microscopy laboratory designed for 3 new NIPM faculty.
HRC 181 NIPM Shared Research lab 2 (NSRL) This room is a shared NIPM laboratory currently with a Class II Biosafety Cabinet, two Thermo Forma series II CO2 incubator, a Leica inverted scope, a phase-contrast Accu-Scope EXI-300 microscopy (ACCU-SCOPE Inc., Commack, NY, USA) equipped with an AU-300-HD digital camera (ACCU-SCOPE Inc.) and CaptaVision PC Imaging Software. The lab also has an EVOS FL Imaging System (Life Technologies Corporation, #AMF4300R) for fluorescent image capture and analysis. Other equipment includes micro 21R refrigerated centrifuge (Thermo Scientific), microfuge, an Eppendorf 5810R refrigerated centrifuge equipped with fixed angle F-45-30-11 Rotor, A-4-81, A-4-62 swing bucket rotors for 15-ml or 50-ml tube or plate buckets, several VWR water baths, shakers and a refrigerator. The lab also has some utility equipment that will be moved upon renovation of other rooms: a refrigerator, Scotsman under counter flake ice-maker (395 lb), Sterilmatic 85L autoclave, and a small oven.
HRC 410, 422 NIPM Genome Acquisition and Analysis Lab (GAA) Library preparation and genome sequencing are conducted in this room.  It houses a Sony Flow Cytometer Cell Sorter, a Chromium 10X system, an Illumina NextSeq 500 and equipment for library production and analysis: Blue Pippin size selection system (Sage Science Inc.), BiorupterPico sonicator (Diagenode); Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent Technologies), Master Cycler Nexus S1 PCR machine (Eppendorf), ST16R centrifuge with microplate rotors (Sorvall), and a Nanodrop. These instruments will be the major pipeline to conduct NGS library preparation and analysis for the COBRE investigators. The laboratory also has small equipment typical of a molecular biology/genetics laboratory and a refrigerator.
SEB 1125 NIPM Genomics and Precision Medicine Lab (NGPML) Edwin Oh Research Laboratory
WHI 119, 118 NIPM Laboratory of Applied Bioinformatics (NLAB) Research laboratory on functional Genomics
SEB   Data Center The cluster is used by most NIPM researchers and staff and includes a Cherry Creek Supercomputer