This three semester, 21-credit post-master's advanced graduate certificate program prepares family nurse practitioners to expand their practice specialty to include management of patients with acute and chronic psychiatric conditions. Building upon the existing skill set of the primary care psychotherapeutic management skills. Successful completion of the program meets the national certification board eligibility requirements.

The online Advanced Graduate Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for the FNP program uses a variety of teaching strategies designed to actively engage students. Mandatory orientation sessions are held before the beginning of each spring semester to enhance the connections among students and with the nursing faculty. This certificate has mandatory on-campus sessions throughout the program. Program start is contingent upon class size.

APRN Student Clinical Placement Information

UNLV School of Nursing guarantees clinical placements in Nevada in the greater Las Vegas Metro area to students who hold a valid Nevada RN license. Out-of-state students located in Alaska, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, or Utah must hold a valid RN license in the state and jurisdiction in which they intend to complete their program. Students are encouraged to partner with the School of Nursing in identifying potential preceptors and clinical practice experiences in their local community in one of those states. The UNLV School of Nursing must review and approve all out-of-state and out of the Las Vegas metro area preceptors and clinical sites. UNLV ensures adequate physical resources and clinical sites are available in Nevada to achieve the program's mission, goals, and expected outcomes for all admitted students. UNLV strives to approve student recommended out-of-state/out of the Las Vegas Metro area quality clinical practice experiences and preceptors; however, UNLV offers no guarantees for out-of-state/out of the Las Vegas metro area clinical placements and preceptors and/or assistance in finding out-of- state/out of the Las Vegas metro area placement sites and preceptors. If an out-of-state/out of the Las Vegas metro area student is unable to secure a UNLV approved preceptor and/or site in his/her home community (Alaska, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma or Utah), the student is expected to acquire a Nevada RN license, relocate to the greater Las Vegas metro area, and the UNLV School of Nursing will assign him/her a preceptor and clinical site in the Las Vegas area (up to 75-miles from UNLV within NV state lines).


For information regarding accreditation at UNLV, please head over to Academic Program Accreditations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Competently assess, diagnose, prescribe, evaluate and create a holistic plan of mental health treatment.
  2. Articulate the professional role, which includes the ethical code of conduct and scope of advanced practice of the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.
  3. Develop and monitor comprehensive, holistic plans of care that address the health promotion and disease prevention needs of diverse psychiatric mental health client populations.
  4. Assess and monitor teaching/learning needs in a diverse psychiatric mental health client population.
  5. Practice ethically in the conduct of research, management, and clinical professional practice.


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Advanced Graduate Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for the FNP


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