Advanced Graduate Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

This four semester, 28-credit post master's advanced certificate program prepares graduate-degree nurses to become advanced practice nurses in psychiatric mental health. This practice specialty includes management of patients across the lifespan with acute and chronic psychiatric conditions. Building upon the existing skill set of the graduate-prepared registered nurse, the four-semester sequence provides family theory, health promotion, nurse practitioner role, and psychiatric-mental health assessment, pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic management skills. Successful completion of the program meets the national certification board eligibility requirements.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Competently assess, diagnose, prescribe, evaluate and create a holistic plan of mental health treatment.
  2. Articulate the professional role, which includes the ethical code of conduct and scope of advanced practice of the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.
  3. Develop and monitor comprehensive, holistic plans of care that address the health promotion and disease prevention needs of diverse psychiatric mental health client populations.
  4. Assess and monitor teaching/learning needs in a diverse psychiatric mental health client population.
  5. Practice ethically in the conduct of research, management, and clinical professional practice.


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