The School of Journalism and Media Studies' Certificate in Strategic Digital & Social Media gives students applied knowledge for a digital-first world. Students will learn media fundamentals and apply them to digital fields to advance their current or future employment opportunities. The Certificate in Strategic Digital & Social Media is conducted mostly online, allowing students the flexibility to continue their current careers as they pursue an advanced degree. This delivery method affords individuals who are employed full time the opportunity to update their skillset, expand their network, and add value to their current employers. The certificate also benefits those entering the job market or searching for new opportunities in the digital sphere. It is designed to bolster in-demand skills, create valuable contacts, and expose students to a myriad of new opportunities.

People, businesses, and institutions around the world have increasingly moved their decision-making to the online sphere, rendering digital media expertise more valuable and in demand than ever. A Brookings Institute report found that jobs requiring a high level of digital skills have more than quadrupled in the twenty-first century, up from 5 to 23 percent of total employment. Another report found that 89 percent of businesses are adopting or plan to adopt a digital-first strategy. Organizations in both the public and private sector who cannot adapt their message to the digital world and connect with their customers and constituents will be outcompeted by those who do.

The Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies has already developed an undergraduate concentration in digital and social media, offering classes in social media strategies, marketing, and networking, the School also sponsors a social media agency, Rebel Media Group, which works with clients in and outside the university. Students with this background often want to continue to learn and develop their understanding and skills in this area, and the certificate opportunity provides them a way to grow. Media professionals also need to update their skills and understanding in this area, so we provide classes online for them, this Certificate offers participants a chance to enhance their skills while still working full time. In addition, the Certificate can benefit the community by offering mid-level managers a chance to increase their knowledge and skills to deal with digital media.


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Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Use digital media skills and media theory to solve practical problems;
  • Apply these skills for digital media specialization within professional organizations;
  • Demonstrate skills in advanced research, including using audience tracking metrics, using innovative audience acquisition and engagement strategies to reach new audiences, and honing writing to leverage the foundations of storytelling and copywriting;
  • Apply these skills to email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and website copy.


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Graduate Certificate in Strategic Digital & Social Media

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