Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Students that complete this certificate will be trained in basic statistical training and software tools that will focus on the collection, storage, retrieval and analysis of data. This certificate is meant to help those that are involved with data analysis, but lack the skills or understanding to conduct the analysis.

About the Program

The graduate data analytics certificate was created to meet the increasing demand for data analytics in a variety of industries. Offered through Lee Business School, the program will enhance your ability to analyze big data and fine tune your decision making skills. The program is online allowing the flexibility to learn at your own pace and gain the expertise that will make an immediate impact on your career.

Who is this program for?

This certificate program was created for individuals who are already working with data and are looking to further their knowledge. Students will gain a foundation in statistics and technology that will enable them to bring data analytics into their current job functions and careers. 

Industry Trends

  • 1.5 Million Managers Needed
  • 876,000 Analytics Professionals Needed
  • $111,267 Median Salary for Data Scientists
  • ranked data scientists fifth in its list of Best Jobs of 2017
  • 15.75% growth projected for jobs in the industry

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Learning Objectives

  • Use data to support analyses and arguments.
  • Learn and employ techniques of data analysis to inform business strategy.
  • Analyze and apply computing software to analysis of data.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication.


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Program Information

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