Nevada Statistical Analysis Center

Welcome to the Nevada Statistical Analysis Center (SAC). All states and two territories have SACs. The SACs are designed to be a resource for criminal justice agencies in the state where they are located. SACs conduct research and analyses on issues that are relevant to crime policy at the statewide level. The SACs are organized under the Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA). JRSA provides technical assistance to the state SACs and helps disseminate research (produced by the SACs) on crime policies.

Research in Brief

One of the projects maintained by the Nevada SAC is the Research in Brief” program. Research briefs are independent research projects that provide statistical summaries of various criminal justice system practices of interest to Nevadans. They cover many aspects of the criminal justice system, including trends in crime and arrests, police practices, prosecution and pretrial activities, adjudication and sentencing, and corrections.

The research briefs are short in length, provide graphs and charts of statewide and national patterns, and are written in an easily readable, nontechnical style. They are designed to provide members of the general public, local officials, community organizations, and media outlets a concise description of current criminal justice practices in Nevada that may serve as a foundation for informed discussions of future crime management policies and practices.

For more information about the Research in Brief program, please contact Terry Miethe (Research in Brief coordinator) or Bill Sousa (SAC director).