The purpose of Academic Assessment's $1,000 Mini-Grants is to assist in the development of innovative projects that focus on the improvement of UNLV student learning based on academic assessment findings.

Projects funded with Academic Assessment Mini-Grants should have academic assessment as their primary focus, with additional emphasis on the improvement of student learning at UNLV.

Applications for Academic Assessment Mini-grants will be reviewed by committee members twice per year during fall and spring Academic Assessment Committee meetings. The submission timelines are as follows:

  • Fall projects: August 1 - November 1
  • Spring projects: December 1 - March 1

Funding decisions can be expected by November 30 for fall applications and March 31 for spring applications.


  • Grant money MUST be directly applied to academic assessment-related activities.
  • Grant money MAY NOT be used for past implementation.
  • Grants for travel and hosting will be considered, but preference is given to projects, supplies, materials and other purchases more directly related to academic assessment activities.
  • Grant recipients must identify a departmental contact who will be responsible for completing and submitting an IDR request to Mary Brady.
  • All proposals will need approval from program chairs, deans, and assessment coordinators prior to consideration. We will be contacting your deans, chairs, and assessment coordinators after submission of your application.
  • Grant recipients must submit a final report detailing the impact of the implementation of assessment-related activities to both the Office of Academic Assessment and their Assessment Coordinators. Recipients also agree to present the results of their work at Office of Academic Assessment events.


Principal Investigator must be a full-time UNLV faculty/staff member. Participants in the project can be at any level within the UNLV community (Part-time instructors, graduate students, etc.). Members of the Academic Assessment Committee will evaluate applications based on:

  1. Scope of the proposal as it relates to academic assessment at UNLV - Is academic assessment of UNLV students the primary goal of the proposed project?
  2. Innovation - Will funds be used for creative projects that fill a need at the program/university level?
  3. Improvement of student learning at UNLV - Is there a focus on using assessment findings to inform decisions about curriculum, programmatic changes, instruction, etc.?
  4. Appropriate use of funds - Are funds used for items or activities directly related to academic assessment? If equipment is purchased, will it be used for future academic assessment purposes?

Evaluation Procedure

Members of the Academic Assessment Committee will review all Academic Assessment Mini-grant applications in March and November of each year. Committee members will use an online voting system to evaluate each application on the criteria listed above.

Past Mini-Grant Recipients

Applications should be submitted via our Application Portal.

The Office of Academic Assessment is always interested in proposals for financial assistance for assessment activities that fall outside the scope of the mini-grants. Feel free to contact Lindsay Couzens with ideas and questions.