Certificates in World Languages starting in Fall 2024 include: Business Spanish, Business Spanish, Spanish Language, Spanish for the Professions, Spanish Linguistics, Spanish Translation, French Language, French for the Professions, Chinese Language. If further assistance is needed, contact ying.bao@unlv.edu for Chinese, margaret.harp@unlv.edu for French and jorge.galindo@unlv.edu for Spanish.
Apr. 26, 2024

Interested in developing specific advanced language skills that can help you in fields such as business, education, health care and more? For details, contact the professor listed for each language. The Certificates in World Languages take 12-18  credits to complete. They are as follows: 
•    Business Spanish
•    Spanish Language
•    Spanish for the Professions
•    Spanish Linguistics
•    Spanish Translation
•    French Language
•    French for the Professions
•    Chinese Language

Please read the flyer for more info!