Sep. 20, 2023

Human Resources is pleased to announce Rebels: OnBoard, the new employee orientation session designed to equip employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed at UNLV. These trainings are open to all employees (all job families) who can attend multiple times.  

The three ways to attend an onboarding training include:  

  • Virtual instructor-led training (Session 1: Introduction to UNLV and Workday and Session 2: Introduction to Benefits)

    • This monthly interactive training is highly recommended and includes chats, polls, and a breakout session.  This is your chance to engage with other new employees and ask questions of HR professionals.

    • Register online 

  • Self-paced interactive training in REBELearn

    • This training is available 24/7 and is great for new employees who are hired after a recent virtual training and want to get the information as soon as possible.

    • Register online

  • Self-paced webinar in REBELearn

    • This training is available 24/7 and includes questions asked during the training that can be helpful.

    • Register online

Contact Theresa Barrett Clark for more information or questions on these training sessions.