Image of a graduation cap with the text: Class of 2024. Fine Arts Graduation Ceremony. Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall. May 12, 2024.
May. 6, 2024

Fine Arts Graduation Ceremony FAQs

Q:    Where and when does the ceremony take place?
A:    The Graduation Ceremony for the College of Fine Arts will take place on Sunday, May 12th at 1:00 p.m. in Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall.

Q:    Does the CFA graduation ceremony replace the University Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, the 11th? 
A:    No, our CFA graduation ceremony is in addition to the University’s ceremony. 

Q:    If I can only attend one, which one should I attend?
A:    We certainly hope you will attend the CFA ceremony, but we cannot make that decision for you. Both ceremonies have their pros/cons. Our ceremony will be a smaller and more intimate affair. There will also be a reception immediately following. In the best of worlds, students are able to attend both ceremonies and we hope you will.

Q:    Can I attend the ceremony if I am graduating this summer?    
A:    Yes, if graduates are eligible to walk in the University Commencement Ceremony, they are eligible to walk in the College Ceremony.

Q:    Do I need tickets?
A:    No tickets are required for this ceremony.

Q:  What can guests bring to the ceremony?

A:   Parents and other guests are welcome to bring plastic bottled waters for themselves, flowers (no vases, please) for their graduates, and cameras. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottles, which will be allowed into the venue.

Q:  What items are prohibited at the ceremony?

A:   Celebratory items such as balloon bouquets, gifts, placards, other signs or banners, backpacks, tripods, air horns, other noisemakers or anything that might obstruct the view of other guests are prohibited (to ensure the safety and well-being of all our invited guests and graduates). Large bags are also prohibited. Please consult the Performing Arts Center website for the official bag policy. The patron code of conduct outlines other prohibited items.

Q:    Is there a limit to the number of guests I can invite?
A:    There is no limit to the number of guests you may invite.

Q:    Where should I go when I arrive?
A:    Upon arrival, graduates should proceed immediately to the Judy Bailey Theater to

Q:    Will the Graduation Ceremony be Live-Streamed?
A:    No.

Q:    Can my guests take photos during the event?
A:    Yes, your guests may take photos, however people will be discouraged from leaving their seats during the conferring of degrees. We will also have an 8’x8’ banner outside JBT where you can take your own photos with family & friends.

Q:    Will I receive my diploma at this ceremony?
A:    No. You will receive your diploma by mail, approximately four to six weeks after

Q:    Will I need to wear my Cap and Gown?
A:    Yes, Graduates participating in the ceremony will be required to wear their regalia.

Q:    What time should I plan to arrive?
A:    Check-in will begin at 11:30 a.m. Doors to the Ham Hall lobby will open at 12:00 p.m. as and guest seating will begin at 12:30 p.m. The Blue Note Trio will be performing in the Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall Lobby for the entertainment of our guests prior to the ceremony. Please be prepared to process no later than 12:30 p.m.

Q:    Where should we plan to park?
A:    Parking is available in the Cottage Grove Parking Garage. This multi-level parking structure is closest to the Artemus HAM Concert Hall. Visit for details and location.

Q:    Where is the reception being held?
A:    The reception is being held on the Plaza outside Ham Hall immediately following the ceremony.

Q:    Where do I get my Cap and Gown?
A:    The Bookstore can assist you with this. 

Q:    I am being Hooded. Where do I get my Hood?
A:    Contact the Bookstore. The only students who will be hooded are graduate students receiving their MFA or DMA.

Q:    I am being Hooded. What do I do?
A:    Hooding Instructions can be found below.

Hooding Instructions

Before you arrive on stage:
∙ Please watch this instructional video  on the hooding process for doctoral and M.F.A. students.
∙ All doctoral and M.F.A. candidates will be asked to stand and line up to approach the stage.
∙ Carry your hood draped over your forearm.
∙ When you near the stage, place your hands in a prayer position, pointing outward, with the hood resting over your hands.
∙ Make sure the button on the loop of the neck faces upward and outward, away from you.
∙ The colored silk portion of the hood should face inward, toward you.

Once on the stage:
∙ Give your name card to the name reader
∙ Proceed toward the middle of the stage with your hooding professor.
∙ The department Chair/Director will take the hood from you
∙ Stand between your hooding professor and Chair/Director, facing the audience.
∙ The Chair/Director will open the hood, giving one side to the hooding professor behind you.
∙ They will lift the hood over your head and place it at your collar, draping the length of the hood down your back.

After the Hooding:
∙ Turn to face your hooding professor and shake hands.
∙ Then turn and face the Chair/Director to shake hands.
∙ The hooding professor will shake hands with the Chair/Director and then you and your hooding professor will proceed to shake the president/provost’s hand and take a picture before going down the center stage stairs.
Return to your seat for the rest of the commencement ceremony.