Headshot photo of Jozee Dean, lady with a white shirt and red jacket sitting while smiling.
May. 30, 2024

Like many high school students, Native Nevadan Jozee Dean wanted nothing more than to escape her hometown to experience college life elsewhere. But after countless recruitment visits to other cities, the budding soccer player realized there is truly no place like Las Vegas. Coupled with the convenience of being close to her family, Jozee ultimately chose to study at UNLV. 

Now, as a proud two-time College of Education alumna with both a bachelor of science in human services and a master of science in higher education, Jozee reflects on her journey with a sense of pride and gratitude.

A Major Change

When she started at UNLV in the fall of 2017, she was set on becoming a physical therapist, majoring in kinesiology. But during her sophomore year, Jozee had a change of heart. "I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I didn’t want to be a physical therapist," she admits.


lady in a unlv soccer uniform holding a red and white soccer ball while smiling

The uncertainty of choosing a new major led her to seek guidance from her advisor, Alan Hott. "The way that Alan cared and helped me navigate through a change in majors was incredible," Jozee recalls. Having an advocate who was empathetic and listened to what she was saying helped to guide her in the right direction.

Jozee remembers the moment when it all came together for her. She told Alan “I want to do your job and help other athletes the way that you have helped me.” With his help, she switched her major to human services, finding the perfect bridge between higher education and athletics.

Setting a Path for Leadership through Service

Looking back, Jozee had always been a community engagement leader. In high school, she was involved in student council; at UNLV she was a student-athlete as well as a graduate assistant for the NCAA’s Compliance office. These intentional investments of her time would eventually lay the foundation for her future career.

Jozee's time at UNLV is marked by service, not just as a student-athlete but also as a leader who wanted to make an impact on the growth of the university. Jozee recognizes that, "UNLV helped build Vegas, and it’s very much a part of the city's growth." She contributed to this effort as a member of the student-athlete advisory committee, advocating for her peers while connecting with athletics administration offices across the country.

Kicking Off her Career and the UNLV Soccer Alumni Club

As it is for many Rebels, graduation did not mark the end of her time on campus. "There’s a lot of pride in being a double grad of the College of Education and to be a part of the university's history," she says. Jozee continues her journey at UNLV, transitioning from a student to an assistant director of compliance. In her new role, she works with the men's and women's tennis teams, golf, and women’s volleyball, ensuring they adhere to NCAA regulations.

Jozee is also involved in the UNLV Soccer Alumni Club, where she serves as their treasurer. "It’s in its infancy stage and growing," Jozee notes. "But it’s great to be part of something that supports the sport and the community." Her commitment to the initiative is a testament to her desire to give back to the community that shaped her.

Looking to the future, Jozee hopes to continue contributing to UNLV’s development and dreams of leading the athletics department one day. "I want to put my foot in the door so it’s open for other people behind me." As she continues to make her mark at UNLV, Jozee’s story is a shining example of what it means to be a Rebel forever with an unwavering commitment to her alma mater and her hometown.