Since 1964, UNLV has granted more than 136,000 degrees to 120,000 individuals. Earning a degree from UNLV is a mark of distinction and pride. To be considered alumni of UNLV, individuals must have earned an associate, bachelor, graduate, professional or honorary degree from the institution, as well as medical resident graduates.

The new membership program is called Rebels Forever. Rebels Forever offers membership benefits without membership dues. Membership is determined in the following way:

  • Alumni will automatically become Rebels Forever members upon graduation. If already a graduate, alumni have been converted to Rebels Forever members effective July 1, 2019.
  • UNLVIP lifetime members paid-in-full or current on their payment plan will be converted to Rebels Forever regardless of their graduation status.
  • UNLVIP annual members who are current with dues and continue to contribute $100 or more each to the fund of their choice at UNLV each fiscal year are Rebels Forever members regardless of their graduation status.

Yes, UNLVIP membership has been eliminated and replaced with Rebels Forever.

With more than 120,000 alumni and growing, the Alumni Association’s vision is to be the link to lifetime engagement of future and current alumni. By eliminating dues, the Alumni Association is creating an inclusive organization for all graduates. Graduates automatically become Rebels Forever members once their degree is confirmed by the Registrar's Office.

UNLV was founded on a spirit of generosity. Instead of paying mandatory dues, we now ask alumni to make a philanthropic gift to the one of thousands of designations at UNLV preferably at the Scarlet Loyal donor level.

Annual giving to UNLV provides a stable source of support and allows the institution to pursue its mission of producing top performing graduates further elevating the value of your degree. It also provides much needed funding to support programs for alumni.

Alumni who give $100 or more each fiscal year to the designation of their choice at UNLV will be counted as Scarlet Loyal donors. Scarlet Loyal donors will receive exclusive invitations. For example, for popular events which typically sell out quickly, Scarlet Loyal donors will receive an invitation before its broadly circulated.

Yes, the Alumni Association will continue to operate. In fact, the organization is growing and expanding engagement and services!

This revolution in alumni engagement was made possible thanks to the loyal support of lifetime and annual members who helped fund program developments since 1964 and the countless volunteers who have generously donated their time to building the organization.

All alumni now have access to the full suite of benefits and services offered by the Alumni Association and its partners.

Tiered pricing for event registration based on UNLVIP membership status will be replaced with a pricing model which seeks to include all alumni in events and activities.

Current annual UNLVIP members have been converted to Rebels Forever members.

Lifetime members are an elite group who helped found and build the Alumni Association. Their initial investment in alumni engagement is what helped make this revolution possible. Lifetime membership will continue to exist but the program will no longer be open to new members after December 2019.

The program closed to new members in December 2019.

Existing Lifetime Members on payment plans should continue making payments. All payments must be received by December 2024 to maintain status as a lifetime member.

The Alumni Association will finalize the list of Lifetime Members. A founder’s wall or plaque is being discussed. Lifetime Members will always be recognized at alumni events so others may appreciate their investment in founding our organization.

All lifetime members on a payment plan will have their remaining pledge balance written-off if they cannot make their payments by December 2024. They will not be counted as lifetime members.

Flexible payment options are available such as monthly and quarterly automatic payments on credit card. Please contact our office to set up a payment plan that meets your needs.

Non-graduates have been grandfathered in as Rebels Forever members if they were current UNLVIP members. Your partner may continue to be Rebels Forever member if they make a Scarlet Loyal donation of $100 or more each year to the fund of their choice on campus.

Just to be clear, we LOVE our friends. The Alumni Association has always encouraged and included friends in activities. We’ve worked hard to treat friends just like alumni.

As the population of graduates has increased, the Alumni Association has made the strategic decision to target delivery of services to all alumni. To be a graduate of UNLV is an elite mark of distinction that alumni have earned through hard work in obtaining their degree. That degree qualifies alumni as a Rebels Forever member.

But we don’t want to lose the friends we’ve made over the years. For those non-grads who were current UNLVIP members on June 30, 2019, they have been grandfather in as Rebels Forever members. We request that these friends make at least a $100 contribution to UNLV to whichever fund they prefer each year. This provides needed funding to the university while clearly demonstrating our friends’ commitment to making UNLV a better place for students and alumni. If there is a lapse in annual giving, Rebels Forever membership cannot be reactivated.

As always, friends are welcome to attend events!

Download the UNLV Alumni Mobile App for a full listing of benefits and services. Your membership card and ID number is included in the mobile app.

If you do not have an iOS or Android device, please contact the Alumni Association office for a printed copy of your membership card.

Former UNLVIP joint members will be treated as individual members going forward. Rebels Forever is an individual membership program.

Scarlet Loyal donor recognition is based on household giving.

Chapter and club membership is free. Graduates of academic units will automatically be added to the chapter membership roster for their college or school. Affinity club membership is based on affinity preferences reported to our offices. Currently, the only official affinity clubs are the Veterans Alumni Club and the Native American Alumni Club. Contact our offices to add your U.S. Armed Forces service to your record to be automatically included in the Veterans club.

Giving at the Scarlet Loyal donor level to your chapter and/or club is encouraged to help fund the operations of these groups.

There are so many ways to support your fellow alumni. Get involved. Attend events. Volunteer your time. Become a mentor for a student or recent graduate. Give to one of the thousands of funds on campus. Keep us posted on your successes. Be an ambassador of UNLV. Stay up to date about campus’ points of pride. Tell others about the innovative research and development conducted by UNLV’s faculty and students, promote the high-quality education on campus, and support our diverse student body.